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20 tips for entrepreneurs for a powerful online marketing plan

Same as a world map, a digital plan sustains entrepreneurs in creating a road map in order to get to the destination in a timely and safe manner.

An online marketing plan is one of the main aspects of a business plan that entrepreneurs have to consider seriously and build it to make products become desirable.

In this article, I am going to highlight 20 points to help you, as an entrepreneur develop a powerful digital marketing strategy for your business and make the most of the money invested.

Read more to discover online marketing tips healthy for your company’s digital strategy plan.

1. To be successful and achieve long-term success, a business needs a knowledgeable entrepreneur/manager in every field – from management to marketing. When we talk about online marketing, it has to be seen by managers as an important step when implementing and developing a brand.

2. Therefore, businesspersons have to take into consideration this essential part of their business and prepare a comprehensive and consistent digital plan. Its role is to outline the aims and objectives of the company and propose powerful solutions for products promotion through digital channels. To get results in accordance with the expected output, a well-communicated and goal oriented digital marketing plan is required.

3. Planning and organizing the online marketing activity of a business can have a positive or negative impact on the company’s performance. There are too many principles a businessperson has to consider and if there is not any methodical way to apply them, tasks will be chaotically delivered.


4. Start working on the business plan, define and describe your target audience. Then, talk about your product/service, explain its features and why your target market should buying it.

5. When you get to the marketing plan that has to be included in your business plan, write about all the aspects of the online marketing strategy – website, content, optimization, campaigns, budget.

6. A digital marketing strategy has to be embedded into the overall marketing plan (online & offline) which, in turn, has to be part of the business plan.

7. Write the plan in a coherent and structured manner so all the people connected to your business from employees and stakeholders to investors and business partners can understand it.


8.  To position your brand strategically on the web, you need to know your competition and find out how their products are highlighted through marketing tactics. Use Excel to create a list of websites that are the best ranked in Google for specific keywords. Analyze the sites, observe and extract their strengths in order to come up with an excellent digital strategy when building your site.

9. Page design and layout have to be constructed in an innovative way and come up with a new concept to differentiate your website from competitors and drive online sales.

10. Think of how to arrange call-to-action (CTA) buttons on the landing pages to determine users to click on them, buy your product or send a request. Emphasize CTA using effects, pop-ups, strong colors or images to increase visibility and conversion rate.

11. Always mention near the CTA buttons what do you want your potential customers to do: ask for an offer, fill out a form, download a file, free trial, book a (free) consultation, call the company and so on. It depends on the type of business and the product(s) you are promoting. To bring value into the lives of customers, offer them something for FREE and it will make a difference in sales success.

12. Knowing your competition, will help you in the development of your website but in the same time, in the optimization of the content and implementation of online marketing campaigns.


13. When you open your own company you have to be conscious of the fact that you must invest more money to get your business on the right track. Your online marketing strategy needs a more consistent budget when you start the company in order to make your business gather a positive image on the market and prove potential clients that your products deserve their attention.

14. Consider setting up the budget for the digital marketing activity once you start working on the business plan. Include the budget in the online marketing and finance sections of the business plan.

15. To establish which of the digital marketing channels deserve more attention, at the beginning, try to divide equally your budget between the channels to find the right target audience. You can start with SEO and PPC campaigns (together they provide very good results) or SEO and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. ) for a short period of time.

16. Check and analyze permanently the results you get from the online campaigns to help you choose the best suitable channel for the promotion of products and invest the right budget. Google Analytics is a free and indispensable tool that offers support to make the business run in the direction of cash.

17. Mention all your scenarios and ideas within the online marketing strategy to apply them after you are done with your business plan. Thereafter, while practicing digital marketing, you will gain knowledge about your target market, products sales which will offer you the possibility to adjust the digital budget plan accordingly for total business success.


18. The only person who knows how the business should look like is you, the entrepreneur. You may think to outsource the online marketing practice because there is not enough time to undertake it by yourself. Before doing it, please make sure you have your digital marketing plan done by yourself before consulting with specialists. Then, let your employees or your collaborators know exactly how your strategy sounds like and what you are expecting from your business. Ask their opinion and make the necessary adjustments.

19. If you feel your time is not enough to implement your online marketing strategy, hire people with experience in online marketing field or work with a digital marketing agency. You think an agency is the best solution for your needs, make sure your business is in good hands. Do research about the agency’s experience; you can check if it is registered or not at the registration office, who is the owner or check feedback on the internet from previous clients.

20. Use a digital marketing plan to increase business sales and make informed decisions while keeping updated daily of the latest news about online marketing activity and how it performs within your business. Assess the changes that occur and the outcomes that are generated to improve the digital marketing strategy.

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