Google Analytics for CRO to boost conversions: why your visitors don’t buy?

Google Analytics for CRO to boost conversions - plane view - BeEMK - Be E-Marketing

Google Analytics (GA) is a free digital marketing tool provided by Google for businesses, agencies, start-ups to help them optimize their website, increase conversion rate (CR) and ROI. Business owners and digital marketers build the online marketing strategy and determine the site’s goals from the very beginning of designing the site.

3 GA reports on User Behavior to improve SEO and website ranking

You as an entrepreneur need to find and process information about your site’s visitors in a way that best solves your business requirements. Then, you have to work hard to adapt your product to your online target to build a brand with personality. The hardest part is when you have to understand your audience’s behavior in…

10 SEO on-site main tools for businesses to drive sales

SEO practice is successfully done once on-site factors are optimized such as: image alt text, title tags, meta description, URLs, etc. And how can all these be done without knowing the status of website optimization process? Well, there are a few FREE on-site SEO tools that can ease SEO work providing you essential information to start…