5 ideas to create unique banner ads for your brand marketing strategy

Why are banner ads important in online marketing? Every detail matters in digital marketing activity, even banners, yes! Creating different types of banners can be part of your e-marketing strategy because through this approach you can put your audience in contact with your business in an interactive way. Banners can be used on social media,Continue reading

Guide for entrepreneurs when promoting products online | 6 steps

USE WEBSITE TO BUILD BRAND IDENTITY To develop a business in online you as an entrepreneur need a website strategy to make your products known. Building a website for your business is part of your online marketing strategy. A website needs a solid plan in which to include main aspects about: design, visual aspects, styles, content and campaigns. AContinue reading

5 off-page SEO techniques to increase visibility of your brand

Take your SEO skating ability to the next level With 5 off-page SEO techniques, your brand becomes visible in the search engines, your audience will find easily your product/service and sales will increase naturally. If SEO on-page is used as an internal technique applied to your website, SEO off-page is done externally, outside your siteContinue reading