Why is SEO important and what role keywords/search terms play in SEO?

Importance of SEO and the role keywords/search terms play in SEO? - BeEMK - digital ingredients for entrepreneurs

An introduction to SEO: According to Wikipedia, SEO (search engine optimization) is the process that influences the visibility of a site or webpage in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). When a user makes a search he/she introduces keywords/search terms in the search box and sites that are carefully optimized obtain a leading position on theContinue reading

What are digital ingredients? 5 online marketing guides that work

Èvery digital marketing strategy needs digital ingredients because they bring the flavor and taste that make businesses successful. Digital ingredients are online activities that are part of the overall marketing plan allowing an entrepreneur to attain its financial goals. When digital ingredients merge and are correctly integrated into the company’s strategy, they take your business to the next level.