3 GA reports on User Behavior to improve SEO and website ranking

You as an entrepreneur need to find and process information about your site’s visitors in a way that best solves your business requirements. Then, you have to work hard to adapt your product to your online target to build a brand with personality. The hardest part is when you have to understand your audience’s behavior inContinue reading

5 off-page SEO techniques to increase visibility of your brand

Take your SEO skating ability to the next level 5 off-page SEO techniques to help your brand become visible in the search engines for the local audience to get to the product quickly and increase sales naturally. If SEO on-page is used as an internal technique applied on your website, SEO off-page is work done externallyContinue reading

10 SEO trends 2016-2017 for digital marketers and entrepreneurs

In a competitive online world, 10 SEO trends 2016-2017 will enable digital marketers and entrepreneurs to have their sites indexed, displayed and ranked by search engines for free if rules are being followed. Besides quality products that you are offering, useful content is needed for your visitors to create a connection with your products but alsoContinue reading