How to use search operators for quick research

Either you want to check competitors’ websites or find details about a particular subject, search operators are useful for marketers to get precise information very fast. You do not have to loose your time searching within the results displayed by Google because you can obtain what you are looking for rapidly. How? Read the whole article and you will…

Individual branding or family branding: Which strategy is best?

Individual and family branding strategies are beneficial for organizations who want to extend their brand portfolio by launching new products on the market or adapting the old ones. A standalone branding implies individual brand names for its products while an umbrella brand involves the organization’s products to stay under the same brand name. The umbrella…

How customers’ attitude can change the game? 7 theories

7 theories of customers attitudes towards products

Organizations develop strategic marketing plans to catch customers’ attention and create the possibility of forming, shaping and influencing their attitudes towards product offerings. Marketing activity is based on a thorough understanding of the challenges brought by the implementation. Marketing implementation is the process that turns a marketing plan into action.