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6 ideas for entrepreneurs to find digital marketers

In this article, I am going to present top 5 websites where entrepreneurs can find freelancers / digital marketers for free. They are needed when businesspersons are thinking to outsource the internet marketing function of their business and look to hire marketing specialists.

Digital marketing is an area that every entrepreneur should take into consideration when building a business plan, and as well, during its implementation. E-marketing is a field that involves online expertise and knowledge being necessary for businesses to grow and succeed in the virtual and physical worlds.

Wondering where you can find easily digital marketers for your projects?

Read more to discover the essential…

A committed and highly-skilled digital marketer that knows how to work on different applications, platforms and software is all you need to design a compelling online presence your customers will adore. More than that, marketers are in charge of maintaining this image alive and develop clients’ sense of belonging.

  1. Upwork helps you grow your business faster and all you have to do is to register, post your job or search for freelance digital marketing consultants. People complete their profile, post their portfolio, write about their job history and education. You can find easily the profile you are looking for because the results provided will help you make up your mind quickly.  Upwork digital marketing consultants - BeEMK

2. PeoplePerHour is a freelance website where you can hire a digital marketing specialist that fits your needs and marketing requirements. You can get in touch with freelancers to get to know them better, receive their offers, discover their profile and feedback. As long as you provide enough details about the kind of marketing work you need within your company, a suitable candidate will show up easily. PeoplePerHour Post a Job description - BeEMK

3. According to, Indeed is ‘an employment-related search engine for job listings’ and it is beneficial for both employers and jobs seekers. To attract marketing talent from desktop and mobile devices, you have to create an Indeed account where you can post your job description, review applications from candidates and arrange interviews with them. You only pay when you ask Indeed to promote your job postings to appear as top results, but otherwise, the service is free of charge. Also, on you can search for resumes of potential candidates.Indeed for employers Post a Job - BeEMK

4. Freelanced allows you to post a freelance job for free in order to find the right talent for your business needs. Depending on your budget, you can find remote candidates to assist you with your online projects. If you are searching for a programmer, web designer, graphic artist or content marketer, Freelanced could be the solution you are seeking.

5. Another popular website where you can find and hire experienced freelancers is Guru. There are members worldwide who register and present their portfolio. Their aims are to help you make a smart choice and add value to your business functions. Guru work collections like website design, print identity, illustrations or logo design are available to be admired and choose the artist who impressed you.

Guru Online Marketing Freelance Search - BeEMK6.

6. Airtasker is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.
There are a range of tasks available on Airtasker from tasks around the home like deliveries, cleaning, gardening and handyman work to tasks for businesses like marketing, office admin, promotional work or computer & IT support. There also a range of creative tasks like photography, graphic design and website & blog support which can help you earn money online.
You can visit the site or download their app from Google Play or App Store: Airtasker will take you from ‘things to do’ to ‘everything’s done.

Online marketing is a broad subject and can be taught in 3-5 years in order to be able to provide quality solutions. As an entrepreneur, you can start learning digital marketing but the time you invest in can be used to work out management objectives efficiently. There are so many free online resources and tools that can bring fabulous results to your business but you need to remain focused on your company.

Digital skills and competencies have to be applied by an online marketing specialist when performing SEO, copywriting, social media, web design, e-mail marketing or online promotions. According to your business activity, the person you hire to undertake internet marketing duties for your company has to be familiar with the domain of your company. Otherwise, if you choose to work with somebody that does not know the market of your products, competitors and customers, you have to allocate him/her sufficient time for learning.

The best marketer is the one who already interacts and knows the products / services you are offering. If we are talking about a freelancer / marketer, the most important thing he/she needs to possess is the e-marketing education and experience, especially in the industry the client is operating

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