Use Google My Business to get organic traffic free and simple

By using Google My Business, your company gains organic traffic and your website conversion rate increases. Once potential customers are interested in your product, more leads and sales can be generated!


In this article, will be presented 6 steps to help entrepreneurs get to the right public through Google My Business and convert it into sales.

A website has to be successfully optimized in order to lead to organic traffic and high conversion rates and the tools Google designed for businesses are very useful in this process.

People can find your business through Google Search or Google Maps; they can be turned into customers as long as you are transparent and let your audience know as much as possible about your company.

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Before going into the subject, I will make a short presentation about Google My Business – Google Maps – Google Plus in order to help you understand better how to apply the next ideas to gain traffic naturally and increase website conversion rate.

Google My Business is an efficient tool created by Google to support businesses to optimize local search (Google Maps), manage business content (Google Plus) and attain sales targets for maximum profitability.

Google Street View is a free and accessible service provided by Google that enables users to explore panoramic views of different locations from around the world. It is integrated into Google Maps and Google Earth and visitors can find the map of different areas of the world, photos or 360-degree panoramic images of places from all seventh continents.

On Google Street View, you can ‘walk around’ on the selected street/road in the map and live an exciting experience while enjoying the virtual tour. You can find easily the location/company / category you are looking for and visualize it through Google Maps. You have to type in the search box the address or the name of the place sought. Then drag the yellow Pegman icon on the map and move around to discover the area.

On Google+ you can connect with your customers, write content about your business/products, keep your audience updated, highlight the benefits your products bring into users’ lives and so on. Include all the details about you (Profile) and your business (Pages) that you consider to be relevant for your target market and add links to your website(s) or social network(s).

To be found easily in Google Search, win organic traffic and increase website conversion rate, have a look at the recommendations below and apply them to your business. Make sure you have a Google Account, if not, create one here.

1.Add your business to Google Maps at Google My Business by clicking the button “Get onto Google“. Use the search box to check if your Business Name and Address can be found. If not, your company is not present on Google Maps and have to add it by selecting “Add your Business“.

Now you have to complete the fields with accurate information about your business and the address has to be real and the same as the one on your website (you should have one there too). Category is also important as it represents the industry of your business and the keyword will help your potential clients find you in Google (Maps). Google wants to verify the address you mentioned so it will take a few weeks or days depending on the option (postcard, phone call, text message) Google proposes you.

Add business on Google Maps - BeEMK

2.Make sure your business has a Google+ page to let your customers find out more about your company. Also, you help Google understand what your company is about, what service/products you are selling, your contact info, website and all the necessary details your potential clients must know in order to make them understand you are the best choice for their needs. You can choose to create a Google+ page weather from Google My Business Menu Add a brand page or from the left menu of Google+ social network.

Menu Account Google Plus - BeEMK

3.Your business needs a website to be included in your Google+ page/profile. Also when a potential customer search for your business on Google Maps, the website can help them document more about your company. In this way, you get the chance to convert visitors who come to your website from Google My Business into customers. Incorporate a call to action (CTA) button – as filling out a contact form, click-to-call or buy now on the landing page of your website to increase conversion rate.

4. Within your company’s profile on Google Maps, happy clients can write reviews about your services and rate it and this fact can influence the others to opt for your offer. You can influence customers to leave their feedback on Google Maps offering them a free product (e-book, invitation, etc. ) or a discount on the next purchase.

Reviews Example Google Maps Iconic Digital Marketing London - BeEMK

5.On Google Maps you can add photos from your business like a logo, images with the location, your team, products or services so people who find you on Google Maps can gain a bigger picture about your business. Also, optimizing the images properly as including a relevant description and using keywords, will help your business rank better in Google Search than competitors. However, when users will search for your business category/products, Google will list your company along with info, images or tour.

Examples Images Google Maps Digital Agency Catch Digital - BeEMK

6.If you are an entrepreneur who manages a hotel, store or restaurant and aim to get to the heart of your target market, you can choose to create and publish on Google Maps a virtual tour of your business. More exactly, if you want to offer your online audience a view across the indoor space and convince it about the conditions and concept of your business, build a 360-degree panoramic business tour.

With Business View, users find and understand your business through Google Maps before visiting it in the physical world. When 360 business view photography is created by a certified party, your company achieves visibility and its trustworthiness increases. People who live such an experience, are more likely to convert naturally by booking a reservation directly on Google Maps, making a call or clicking the website to make an order.

Example See Inside Tour The English Restaurant - BeEMK

People who get organically to your website, are the ones who generate sales. Work hard on all the points mentioned in this article so you can drive organic traffic to your website, generate leads and improve your conversion rate without the need to spend your money on PPC campaigns.

Is Google My Business part of your online strategy?

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