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How can you create value in your marketing career?

BeeMK Use life experience to create value in marketing

Our life experience can be beneficial in our marketing career and marketing experience can bring real value in our daily lives.

Life experience plays a key role when it comes to influence career path. Analyzing our past, taking the best from it and projecting our future will lead to important decisions that may take our professional life to the next level.

To get on the top of the world and attain our career aims, life sustains us by preparing situations with a low or high degree of difficulty to confront with. By understanding their benefits and by overcoming impediments, we will flourish.

Through active participation in situations or activities, we gain experience and if used wisely, we develop and improve our skills, abilities and knowledge. Only when we value the quality of life, appreciate it and see obstacles as resources, we gather the chance to grow personally and professionally.

Negative events that take place in our lives can distract us from our marketing projects and plans and our life can be affected. Being preoccupied to solve our inner requests, most of them being insignificant, later on, we realize that we made a long pause from what we have built and gained. The cause could be that we lost control upon our life and soul, we give up on ourselves and forget who we are.

Consuming all the energy we have, the feeling of lacking the power to fight life events that arise, all these will lead to dissatisfaction in our career. However, while we deny our past and refuse to recognize our weaknesses in order to transform them into strengths, our life’s structure gets damaged.

If we do not realize on time the seriousness of our thoughts, our feelings and do not take any positive actions as searching inside us and learning about us, we risk transforming ourselves in persons that have lost their identity.

If we want to attain a future of fulfillment, we have to make a smart move and reposition ourselves to become the persons that appear in our vision. The moment we feel making a significant change in our life to end up frustrated situations is when we endeavor to reconstruct first the energy lost through perseverance and hard work.

No one can offer you a helping hand, without your desire to pass over difficulties and move forward. You are in charge of your personal and professional life, chapters that require customized methods, acceptance and commitment.

Identifying suitable solutions and applying them with courage, our next story’s chapters will bring happiness and we will enjoy them with all of our souls. In order to find the best solutions, we have to experiment opportunities same as consumers in search of quality products looking to satisfy their needs.

To avoid a future without freedom, start making NOW a smart move for yourself and expect the best from you by placing the first brick at the bottom of your marketing career. Whether you seek advice from specialists (online marketers), create a plan and strategy or take part in all kinds of activities (voluntary / part-time / full-time jobs / projects based), all these have to be seen as investments in yourself and your future.

Participating at workshops / trainings and asking marketing professionals about their expertise and advice should be seen as a natural part of your career development. Do not forget to integrate them into your career strategy plan if you want to become an appreciated marketer.

Once the action is taken do not expect results to be seen immediately, just keep working and working until your tasks are done in a professional manner. Your efforts towards achieving your objectives are met when you receive gratitude from people around you and you are proposed to work on important projects being remunerated for your time and competencies.

We are in a continuous search for professional accomplishment and we do not have to allow people around us to force their ideas and vision into our career plan. We can listen to them and extract useful information while we are busy being the creator of our road to success. Our vision cannot be destroyed and hopes blown away in the dust of confusion.

Let’s supposed we got lost and drive on an unknown road at night, there is not any panel and we let us guided by the car’s lights. Same as intuition, we know that these lights can lead us to the point where we proposed to get. At the crossroads, no matter which road we choose to go on, our strong belief will get us to the destination.

The only thing we have to do is to follow our intuition while looking ahead. Even if we entered a longer road relying on our intuition, we will get to the same destination, at the right moment. It means satisfaction is prolonged due to unlearned lessons; driving vigilantly and patiently until the light will hit the road.

Sometimes the reason life deviates us from the main road is to experiment and learn new and important lessons that will transform us to who we are today. Later on, we get back on the main road after we did what we felt, listened to our thoughts and after being done with fulfilling our needs.

Only when dealing with impediments, a high level of maturity can be achieved, uncertainty avoided and performance obtained. And to escape from an unwanted reality, people have to make choices that imply courage, engagement, knowledge and desire to succeed.

Experience makes you greater when you choose to share it with the right people to make a positive change in their lives. When I say the right people, I am referring to individuals out there, in need of support from you as a human and marketer. As a human, you can bring your contribution to your target market, people willing to rediscover themselves and become examples within society same as you should be for them as a marketer.

In order for your audience to identify with your story, you have to underlie the main points, bring valuable insights and prove problem-solving techniques. All these require a special way of conveying the information and awakening interest and desire to experiment and take the best from your experience. Through marketing, the story can get closer to the public so the message can enter to its heart and activate hidden demand.

Once we feel marketing is part of our lives and our life is part of marketing then all we have to do is to act accordingly focusing on learning and development to make ourselves heard and our work valuable. We do have to take continuous action, study, seek advice and guidance in order to build that awesome marketing career.

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