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What is the key to become successful in online marketing?

Businesses connect to customers in the offline and online worlds (recommended) using marketing in order to attract them and sell value added products.

Online marketing is all around us (mobile, desktop, tablet) and if we want to succeed, we need to develop marketing knowledge and human skills.

Either we choose to promote our product/service or build a personal brand in a professional manner, we need to gain relevant knowledge, do market research, stay informed and be responsive to market trends. 

It is not enough to grab audience’s attention and make them buy once your product but also to build significant relationships and naturally turn consumers into loyal customers.

But this is not an easy task for e-marketers to undertake because it requires: passion for (e)marketing, patience to understand customer and creativity to put into practice amazing solutions. Hard work is needed and a marketing plan has to be implemented in order to achieve online marketing aims.

Most of us think that virtual and physical environments are opposite and parallel but they merge and form a single world. Nowadays, the internet makes it a complex but fascinating world as a whole. But we have the opportunity to do digital marketing activity at a higher level in a world full of ideas.

There are so many benefits offered by digital marketing practice that could not be found when doing marketing in the offline world. In online, information can be delivered and received quickly and our opinion shared with other people in real time.

People can find out about our business from social media or forums where consumers ask questions and influencers reply, bringing in their positive or negative feedbacks. Attitudes and reactions depend on marketers’ mission that has to identify individuals’ feelings of satisfaction or dissatisfaction about products/services. In this way, potential customers may get involved and make their feedback accessible to marketers. Through interaction, decision-making can be achieved or products can be adapted to consumer tastes.

As e-marketers, daily marketing practice educates us about customers’ centricity, people expectations, new trends and digital strategies. Facing challenges and avoiding failure naturally is part of a digital marketer work. So, in order to win individuals’ trust and transform them into loyal customers, we as marketers must evolve in thinking and become customers first.

Being a well-respected e-marketer is about the way we feel and act towards our customers. To get propelled on a vibrant e-journey from planning to fulfilment, we have to develop our activities around our target market. Approaching it with a human attitude and knowledgeable manner, customers will sense that our company is the place that expresses positive emotions they identify with.

Online marketing is about dedicating a lot of our time to people – customers – because most of the time, customer’s desires, needs are revealed with difficulty. Once we are willing to listen, observe and understand, we can get valuable insights which can help us in our daily marketing activity.

Customers want to be sure that they are heard, requests validated and issues solved and once their experience is enjoyable, a smile on their face is put. This does not guarantee that they will refuse our competitor’s service. But as long as they use our product and are satisfied with its features and the attention they receive from the customer service department, for sure that smile will activate another one.

Online marketers have to position and reposition (when it is the case) and become first humans in order to prove credibility and raise positive actions around them.

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