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Marketing automation is a complex concept but once known it allows marketers to better automate marketing processes through software platforms and technologies.

Targeting and segmenting customers, gaining and integrating customer data, analyzing and optimizing campaigns are just a few of the processes that underlie marketing automation programs.

Depending on the company’s needs and wants, developers build customized marketing automation solutions for marketers to effectively manage and nurture leads and generate more sales.

In this way, these leads convert to real opportunities and marketers must collaborate with the sales team to turn them into successful sales.

Marketing Automation Lifecycle Source:

Due to the technology boom, the sales team does not have to lose its time trying different methods (cold-calling) to attract the attention of potential customers.


Through marketing automation, marketers have the possibility to implement smart marketing campaigns through different multi-channel digital strategies such as: e-mail, social media, SEO, blogging, events, video or PPC.

These channels can be combined, for example sending the user an e-mail which contains a valuable material that can be downloaded. In the same time, in the text could be a link towards a landing page of a site, where the user can complete a conversion and buy the product promoted.

Within marketing automation, these campaigns can be created and marketers can assess the results, gain new data about users’ behavior and propose more powerful tactics. Also, this type of platform offers marketers insights about the visitors who downloaded the material sent by e-mail to get engaged with the content, who arrived on the landing page, their reaction to the call to action (CTA) button and how many converted via payment form.

Marketing expertise is not needed when we talk about qualified leads that achieved a specific point in the funnel. The sales team is in charge of converting high quality leads in a sale. With this innovative marketing and sales approach, marketing campaigns implemented through marketing automation are a total success.

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Sales people, marketers or entrepreneurs are able to save precious time for other priorities and every information gained through marketing automation is there to be harnessed. Data is analyzed by professionals and transformed into knowledge being the fundamental component of business intelligence. All this information that marketing automation tracks, processes and sorts is primordial to support business intelligence approach. It offers valuable data for entrepreneurs to make the right business decisions.

Nowadays it is more difficult to convince customers about the benefits a product can bring into their lives if marketers do not develop tech-savvy campaign strategies. And through marketing automation, the right customers are brought into the funnel without the need to lose time and effort towards inefficient activities that are not the target.

Within Content Marketing Tools: the ultimate list article found at (URL no longer available) were presented marketing automation tools that are used within the business industry by marketers and entrepreneurs.

Considering this list, I created a top of the 5 best marketing automation systems:

  1. Pardot
  2. Marketo
  3. Eloqua Oracle
  4. Act-On
  5. HubSpot

Have you used any of the programs mentioned above?

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