Useful SEO Tools

1. Type CTRL + F

2. Introduce in the box the keyword that defines your search

3. Find the tool for your SEO issues

Access metrics on webpages & SERPs: download for free SEO toolbar to see instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP: page authority (PA), domain authority (DA), spam score

Achieve a better ranking on keywords: ideas of topics that public will appreciate

Analyze and measure your site’s ranking potential: HTTP headers check, head elements, relevant keywords/keyphrases, the page displayed within SERP, ULSs found in the page, heading

Analyze links: internal and external link analyzer and link’s anchor text

Analyse tweets per user: find influencers via other influencers on Twitter

Answer public questions: provides content ideas for your online marketing campaigns

Assess site’s performance: details about page size, page requests, page speed, browser caching, page redirects, compression, render blocking, page titles, meta description, headings, sitemap, SSL certificate & mobile

Build links fast: link building helper

Calculate pixel length: check the pixel widths of page meta titles & descriptions that you’re writing

Check broken links: detect bad URLs on your site and see where they are located in your HTML code in order to correct or delete them

Check out your site’s pages for SEO: meta title & description, heading structure, content analysis, keyword analysis, hyperlinks, images, social

Check site for missing codes: Google Analytics or Google AdWords code checker

Check useful SEO tools: article rewriter, plagiarism checker, backlink maker, meta tag generator, meta tags analyzer, keyword position checker, robots.txt generator, XML Sitemap Generator, backlink checker, Alexa Rank Checker, word counter, online Ping website tool, link analyzer, my IP address, keyword density checker, Google malware checker, domain age checker, whois checker, domain into IP, backlist lookup, Dmoz listing checker, URL rewriting tool, www redirect checker, Mozrank checker, URL encoder / decoder, server status checker – a complete list of tools to resolve efficiently digital marketing activities

Check your website’s google search ranking position: search engine results page (SERP) checker to see how your site ranks on Google for different 5 keywords

Compress PDF online: reduce PDF file size to rank well in the search engine results page (SERP)

Convert data to a comma-delimited list: for SQL queries, programming or other ideas

Correct non-working weblinks: scan web pages to identify problematic URLs and their location in HTML

Count URL length: calculate the link length of your site’s page to see if you have an SEO friendly URL structure: 50-90 characters recommended

Detect technologies used on competitors’ sites: check what tools other sites are using

Discover insights and real-time data: Google Trends about what matters most to your audience

Examine sites’ status: for malware, phishing or unsafe content

Extract web pages and text URLs: extract links from your site or competitors’ site to check DA (domain authority) or PA (page authority) for example

Find data about your site: find duplicate content, broken links, comparison with other sites, download XML sitemap

Find keywords/phrases related to your product: Google AdWords – Keyword Planner

Find keyword suggestions: long tail keywords that can be downloaded to a .txt file

Find out if your server supports persistent connection: validation tool for technical SEO, discover why is persistent connection important for SEO and how to enable persistent connection

Find out SEO issues: SEO Analyzer tool checks Googlebot access, mobile devices, security, accessibility, page speed, robots.txt guideline, image alt text, sitemaps, paid links, valid HTML, amount of links, findable links, HTTPS headers

Generate long tail keywords: keyword generator tool for your SEO campaign strategy

Get backlink data: backlinks checker tool, shows link influence score, active backlinks, links to home page, nofollow links, anchor text and link destination, 1,000 links can be downloaded in .csv format

Get free link data of any site: free Link Explorer from MOZ to check the Domain Authority (DA) and backlink authority of any site, a tool for link building opportunities

Get insights about page speed on desktop and mobile: use suggestions provided to optimize your site and make it faster

Get important SEO data: SEO authority, technical SEO, SEO content, social media

Identify keywords: SERP’s keyword research tool for keyword suggestions with volume estimates, CPC and value

Invent a name for your domain: find a domain name suggestion for your business

Keyword research: a tool for market research, competitors, PPC & SEO

Measure readability of text: writing can be easily edited and improved

Measure site’s speed: get a report that displays your page speed score, the loading behavior of your page, identify page loading issues, find out the average fully loaded time, total page size

Monitor site’s SEO: meta elements, SERP preview, keywords cloud, headings, robots.txt, sitemap, broken links, friendly URLs, image Alt, Inline CSS, deprecated HTML tags, Google Analytics, favicon, backlinks, JS Error, social media, speed optimization, server & security, mobile usability, advanced SEO (microdata schema, noindex tag, canonical tag, nofollow tag, disallow directives, SPF records)

Obtain long tail keywords: for your content marketing campaign

Optimize site for sharing via social media: check how your site appears when shared via social media buttons

Optimize title tags and meta description: SEO optimization tool to optimize title tags and meta description, measure title and description length

Perform a search as if you were in another country: find out what sites appear in search results for that specific country / language / device to improve SEO & SEA campaigns

Receive recommendations to improve mobile speed: test URL to get a free report about loading time, visitor loss, industry comparison and fixes to reduce loading time

Run test for mobile: mobile-friendly test to see if a site is easy to use on a mobile device

Search for copies of your page on the web: verify your new content and check it for plagiarism

See how title and description look in Google’s SERPs: SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Solve SEO activity combining different internet marketing tools: on-page optimization, image & link analyzer, site crawl, SEO comparison, header checker, meta tag generator, keyword density analysis, image & link analyzer, internal link building WordPress plugin, domain Whois lookup, DNS lookup, what’s my IP, spell check, what’s my browser size?, what’s my screen resolution?

Test site URLs and images before posting on Facebook – this tool shows you how information is associated with your homepage, post or page

Tool for developers: test your site and measure performance, accessibility, best practices & SEO – guidance on how to improve audit

Test website for SEO: free tool for testing websites, scoring report – accessibility, SEO, social media & technology

Undertake keyword research for Reddit: auto-generated list of keywords and their context on Reddit

Validate your code: structured data has to be understood by search engines when they crawl your page

Verify site for errors: free website security scanner for out-of-date software, known malware, blacklisting status – checks PHP and CMS version

Verify writing, grammar, punctuation: check the text for repetitive words, weak adjectives, grammatical mistakes, improve writing

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March 14, 2017