5 ideas to create unique banner ads for your brand marketing strategy

Why are banner ads important in online marketing?

Every detail matters in digital marketing activity, even banners, yes!

Creating different types of banners is part of your e-marketing strategy. Through this approach, you put your audience in contact with your business in an interactive way. Banners can be used on social media, your website or in online marketing campaigns (PPC, referral, e-mail). Thus, you as an entrepreneur promote your products and make your brand visible among people and potential customers.

When you use banner ads in marketing campaigns (Display Network, Facebook, blogging sites) their design has to be visually appealing to users (elements in harmony). Banners are a reflection of your business identity and they sustain you in building brand awareness and brand loyalty among a targeted audience. But to get to the point it requires implementing a creative strategy that will enable you to reach out to the right people.

Banner ads are useful to let your target audience know about your exciting offers and build a strong relationship with it in an innovative way. For instance, you can increase Facebook audience engagement posting 3-4 banners per month containing authentic messages (brand values, product benefits, quotes etc.).  The aim is to trigger positive emotions and excitement towards discovering your product or service.

However, banner ads, their design, and message are important in digital marketing in order to attract the attention of potential customers towards your brand identity. They can be designed in different ways but you choose the most appropriate layout that reflects your brand’s values.

How do I arrange visual elements on my banner layout?

Be creative. There aren’t specific rules to design the perfect banner. You make your own rules depending on your brand’s story and what you intend to convey:

  1. Make sure the format of the web banner is appropriate to your brand’s message and its size matches the social media channel where you post it.
  2. Select images carefully and choose a text that is suitable for the banner – creative images sustain the message and attract more views.
  3. Through the banner ad, you want to make people become aware of your brand. The picture has to be authentic enough to make users stay longer and discover text, logo, and website.
  4. Logo enables you as an entrepreneur to build brand awareness. Placing it on the banner in a clear spot takes you closer to your clients. The logo can be positioned at the top of the banner. The place where the logo is situated depends a lot on the colors of the image and the amount of text. A contrast between logo’s color(s) and background of the photo is needed.
  5. 2-3 lines of text with big font size and styling have to be adapted to image’s layout. People need to find your banner pleasant so you need to make sure it is adapted to the desktop, mobile and tablet versions. Leads can be generated by determining users to click on the banner’s link.
  6. If the banner is designed for social media or if it is promoted on other sites, write on the banner your website to better connect your brand with the right audience.

Below you have 5 ideas and examples of web banner to help you create a unique online brand:

  1. Banner ad to promote your article

After you finish writing your article, you have to optimize it so Google will like and promote it organically. Are you wondering how to optimize your article for top ranking? Why not having a look at 9 Content marketing steps to optimize your article for top ranking found here on beemk.com?

An attractive picture with the title of the article on it can attract many clicks. All you need is a suitable blog theme to make your articles easily accessible on your site as in the example below: 

A list of articles with banners is profitable because in this way articles are rapidly promoted and they can receive the clicks that count. However, these examples of banners can be seen as a real inspiration to you when you optimize and create a compelling article.

See our example above: when a user clicks on one of the pictures, the banner will appear as a header within the article. Below is an example of a web banner designed for the article How to Create Social Media Graphics and Banner Ads in Visme:

On Facebook, when you want to post the article found on your site, you can opt for either the article’s banner or add your own image. More exactly, you have the possibility to attach another banner adequate to your Facebook audience. Choose the most appropriate picture(s) for your post:

2. Banner ad to promote a FREE product

As you can see, visual content is growing bigger and it receives greater appreciation from online users.

In articles, you can include banners to make users more conscious of products or services available to them. They can be (free) products or offers that suit their needs and wants. Write on the banner your product’s features and what it can do for your potential clients.

You can understand more from the banner posted below as an example. Its role is to describe a free product, an ebook that can be downloaded for free. This banner can be found in the following article: The Power Of Online Marketing Promotions.

You post this type of banners not only on sites and blogs but also on social media.

Tip: banners with a unique design work pretty well on Pinterest.

3. Banner ad to build trust

To build and maintain a friendly communication with your users, banners with short messages are well seen in the online community. Being open to your audience and revealing your findings not only helps you build trust, but also a community can be created.

A short but meaningful message put in a simple banner comes from Neil Patel in his article Six Figure Consultant: 4 Proven Services Every Blogger Can Offer to Make Money Online. Simple but effective banner example to enhance users’ loyalty!4. Banner ad to communicate data

Banner ads can be helpful as well to communicate statistics from reports to your audience so it quickly gets the most important data. Thus, through banners, you communicate recent and fresh info from the report. Then, online banners go viral on sites, social media or (other) blogs. The example below is from Facebook:

5. Banner ad to build your personal brand

Having your name on the banner is essential when you want to develop your personal brand. People are curious to know if your abilities match their business needs. Everybody is on the run and a well-designed banner with all the necessary details (name, e-mail, website, skills, etc.) about you as a brand representative can improve your personal image on the web.

The banner presented below was found in the article How a Solo Designer Wins Clients Through Pinterest and Blogging with Jessica Freeman. We believe it is relevant to this article because the banner is an introduction to Jessica’s story, a freelance designer.

What an interesting introduction to her story in one single banner! The way she promotes herself as a freelancer can inspire you as an enthusiast or entrepreneur.

You can apply these 5 banner ads examples to your brand marketing strategy to help your businesses spread rapidly its engaging and relevant messages.

Have you tried any of these banners ideas? What results did you get?