Google Analytics for CRO to boost conversions: why your visitors don’t buy?

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Google Analytics (GA) is a free digital marketing tool provided by Google for businesses, agencies, start-ups to help them optimize their website, increase conversion rate (CR) and ROI. Business owners and digital marketers build the online marketing strategy and determine the site’s goals from the very beginning of designing the site.

What are digital ingredients? 5 online marketing guides that work

Èvery digital marketing strategy needs digital ingredients because they bring the flavor and taste that make businesses successful. Digital ingredients are online activities that are part of the overall marketing plan allowing an entrepreneur to attain its digital marketing goals. When digital ingredients merge and are correctly integrated into the company’s strategy, they take your business to the next level.

Master the art of click-worthy titles that convert with 8 tricks

It’s time to fill up your blog with quality content in order to add value to your users’ lives. Besides taking into account what your audience is interested to find on your blog, you also have to consider optimizing the article for search engines. For doing this, you need to start first with your keyword research…

9 Content marketing steps to optimize your article for top ranking

Content will become more appealing to the reader in 2017 due to advances in tech. Content marketing plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers through the way brand’s message is conveyed. As an entrepreneur, you have to sell your product or service in a manner that influences your customers’ perception of your brand. The value…

9 Simple Ways To Increase Site Conversion Rate [Infographic]

Before reading an article online, what do you normally see? Obviously, it is the headline. If you are lured to it, you will go ahead and read the entire article. Otherwise, you close it and look for better options. The same attitude is applicable to online buyers. In visiting the website where they can buy…