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Andreea Chilianu is the ‘digital painter’ of  BeEMK – Be E-Marketing – site that offers services and informative content related to digital ingredients – online marketing – for solo-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, small & medium companies .

 She has over 6 years experience in digital marketing (content optimization, on-page SEO, website Analytics) and website strategy & online research. She worked before in the following sectors: education, e-commerce, personal development, digital agencies, fashion, travel, business consulting, recruitment, sales.

Besides the job of digital marketer, she is also involved in activities related to photography. As a  Local Guide contributor (Level 7, over 3 M views) she adds content on Google Maps : photos of places she has been, writes reviews and checks info about places nearby.

Andreea has been certified by Google to manage Google Analytics  accounts on behalf of her partners.
Also, she completed 
Google Digital Garage course and received an accredited certificate. In Addition, she participated in  Google Digital Workshop where she learned how to profesionally approach the business plan when starting to build and develop an online company.
She also completed other courses related to digital marketing on the HubSpot Academy and Udemy platforms:

1. Fundamentals of contextual marketing

2. Goal setting tips for inbound success

3. Developing a website strategy 

4. The power of storytelling 

5. Creating a growth-driven design tool stack

6. Conducting user research 

7. Inbound marketing fundamentals 

8. Crafting a blogging strategy that drives business growth 

9. Understanding the inbound principles

10. What is SEO? Learn SEO basics & optimize your site

Volunteer Campaign

Andreea cares about the environment and sustains eco-friendly alternatives.  Save Mediterranean from plastic pollution is the cause she volunteered for a few years ago when she was invited to attend a digital challenge.

She decided to keep the campaign on the site this being one of the causes she’s committed to. You can find more details about the plastic pollution campaign in this  article posted on LinkedIn.

At the moment, she’s involved in building a like-minded team and growing BeEMK – Be E-Marketing project because ‘ ’The essence of any business lies in the way digital marketing ingredients are combined and applied. ’’

To find more about her work experience, check her LinkedIn account:

If you’re interested to collaborate on digital marketing projects or have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact her by completing the form below or write her at andreea [at] beemk [dot] com.

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