Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Ingredients model - concept - representation by Be-E-marketing - BeEMK
Digital Marketing Ingredients concept representation


An entrepreneur wants to see his business evolving so a direction and clear objectives are needed.

When no one invests in e-marketing strategies, the business does not become known, and therefore it does not get the attention of its potential clients.

A business could have a reputation in the offline environment but if someone is searching for you in the online and you are not there, your business does not exist.

People find it easy to search the web and look for details about your business’ role on the market, its products, how much it is trusted and so on.

To build and maintain a brand in the online environment as well as in the offline and acquire customers, your brand requires a strong exposure and reputable image in both worlds.

BeEMK focuses on the following digital marketing ingredients:

Content Marketing is important to make your product known and visible in online. You apply it on your website, landing page, presentation, newsletter, digital campaigns, social media, brand storytelling;

CRO is the process through which your visitors can take action on a web page and convert into customers. Your site is (re)designed to simplify the customer journey and provide a unique user experience;

Digital Analytics is about metrics to improve online marketing strategy (website optimization, PPC campaigns, SEO, social media) and increase business leads/sales;

Online campaigns like PPC, SEO or social media need banners with authentic design layout, messages, call to action (CTA), attractive buttons, high-quality images to capture the attention of your potential customers and make them click on the text/image;

SEO helps websites to achieve a high-ranking placement in the search engine result pages (SERPs) through website optimization;

SMM involves building and posting engaging and original content on different social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. – on business page/profile and ad campaign.

Smart bees make quality honey when supplied with ingredients from the right place.

So, e-marketing (online marketing) is like honey for companies if made of digital ingredients (SEO, PPC, CRO, SMM) extracted from 100% trustworthy and accessible source. 

That’s why BeEMK – Be E-Marketing is here – check BeEMK blog to discover digital tips for your online business growth.