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Digital Marketing Ingredients concept model representation BeEMK - Be-E-marketing
Concept – model representation of digital ingredients by – Be E-Marketing


Digital ingredients is a buzzword referring to digital marketing components.

An entrepreneur wants to see his business evolving and therefore a bright direction and clear objectives are needed.

When no one invests in e-marketing strategies, the business does not become known, and therefore it does not get the attention of its potential clients.

A business can have a strong reputation in the offline environment but if someone is searching for you in the online and you are not there, your business does not exist.

In our times, people find it easy to search the web and look for details about your business’ role on the market, its products, if it is trusted and so on.

To build and maintain a brand in the online environment as well as in the offline and win the attention of your potential customers, your brand requires a strong exposure and reputable image in both worlds.

This concept of digital ingredients, plus its model representation was invented by BeEMK – Be -E-Marketing in 2015, when this site was launched.

This term gives people an easy understanding of the main digital marketing components and its aim is to simplify online marketing conversations and make them purposeful: 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the digital marketing channel through which websites are optimized so that they show up more often in search engine results.

Content Marketing is part of SEO practice and is focused on creating, publishing, and sharing different types of content (blog posts, videos, guides, infographics) to attract the attention of a targeted audience and drive traffic online.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the online marketing practice that involves paying for advertising to appear in search engines. It starts with analysing how a site is seen by the search engines to optimize and advertise it in order to win the most visibility in the search results.

PPC or pay-per-click is a paid online marketing method that allows advertisers and marketers to pay a fee only when an online user clicks on their ad.

Email Marketing is the online activity that helps marketers collect and use emai addresses to communicate with their users.

SMM is a digital channel through which marketers and entrepreneurs use social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) to gain traffic, attention and reach new people.

SMO is the technique marketers use to grow a company’s online presence and its site’s traffic through various social media channels and communities.

Display Marketing allows marketers to advertise online in many different formats on many websites across the internet.

Ecommerce Marketing is the digital practice marketers use to achieve sustainable traffic growth, sales and loyal customers through innovative promotional tactics and strategies.

Digital Analytics is about metrics to improve online marketing strategy (website optimization, PPC campaigns, SEO, social media) and increase business leads/sales, awareness, loyalty & ROI;

CRO is a valuable digital channel that marketers use to convert site’s visitors into clients and improve conversion rate of your site’s objective(s).

Video marketing is the digital activity that involves creating, optimizing, uploading and sharing original video content that engages your audience and promotes your product or brand. Marketing your brand/product to your audience using video can take place through your site, other sites and relevant social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram).

Affiliate marketing is an online sales method businesses use to promote and sell products or services through collaboration with other parties (bloggers, companies, influencers) that earn a commission when recommending products or services.

Online campaigns like PPC, SEO or social media are the most effective way to promote your business. They are designed to get your messages across using engaging banners with authentic design layout and message, call to action (CTA), attractive buttons, high-quality images to capture the attention of your potential customers and make them click on the text/image/link/button.

Smart bees make quality honey when supplied with ingredients from the right place.

So, e-marketing (online marketing) is like honey for companies if made of digital ingredients (SEO, PPC, CRO, SMM) extracted from 100% trustworthy and accessible source. 

That’s why BeEMK – Be E-Marketing is here – check BeEMK blog to discover digital tips for your online business growth.