• Dive deep into your business to

    Make growth marketing strategy deliver results | QUICK-STARTER GUIDE

    A quick-starter guide on what you need to know when working on your growth marketing strategy with the aim of delivering results.

    Growth marketing is your secret art of mixing digital marketing ideas with innovative techniques for faster results. It’s the kind of art that requires the integration and implementation of a diverse palette of tools and methods.

  • 3 GA reports on User Behavior to improve SEO and website ranking

    You as an entrepreneur need to find and process information about your site’s visitors in a way that best solves your business requirements. Then, you have to work hard to adapt your product to your online target to build a brand with personality.

    The hardest part is when you have to understand your audience’s behavior in order to promote your product and make the sound that your market will adore. Identifying the right data trends about your user’s behavior leads to the power of your business.

    Read more to see in detail 3 reports from Google Analytics with examples, explanations and SEO tips to understand your customer’s behavior to improve both SEO and website ranking.

  • Know your users through Landing Pages metrics Google Analytics

    Landing Pages metrics Google Analytics: convert traffic into sales

    If you want to build strategically crafted and optimized pages to convert users into customers, you need to know where to find and analyze landing pages metrics in Google Analytics.

    A landing page is a dedicated web page built by marketers to receive special attention from niche visitors. The purpose of the landing page is to turn visitors into leads by determining them to perform specific actions on the page: