• act like an athlete when building your personal brand online

    Digital Personal branding for small businesses | Growth Tools & Tactics

    A digital personal branding strategy should help you bring to light your essence that make people want to know you and get in touch with you. Your personal brand determines the perceptions and impressions they form about you. And the emotions that trigger their behavior to want more from you – buy your product or service.

    A personal brand is the face people see, meet, perceive and approach. Either they identify with it or not, it’s just the work you put into making it recognizable.

  • Internet of things - IoT and robots technologies lead towards intelligent connectivity era

    Internet of things – IoT from the perspective of a digital marketer

    IoT or “Internet of things” is the technology that is responsible for the abilities of physical devices, objects, items, things, machines to perform autonomously specific actions through connectivity and interoperability.

    IoT is comprised of a ‘network of objects’. These objects are automated and cooperation between them is through the internet.

  • generations differences for social media strategy

    What generations differences are when planning a social media strategy

    In a world full of uniqueness between generations, it’s primordial for marketers and entrepreneurs to understand each generation and its differences.

    Possessing the necessary data, marketers and entrepreneurs can create easily a powerful digital marketing and social media strategies. When they are up to date with information about the generation(s) they are targeting, this will reflect in the online strategies focused on reaching generational groups.

  • Trendy header ideas - light bulb with plant inside

    Trendy header ideas to consider when building your site: optimize for SEO & UX

    Trendy header ideas to consider when building your site: and optimize it for SEO & UX‘ is our fresh article that proposes to inspire and help you find the best header version for your site.

    A successful business starts with a modern and well-optimized website for both UX and SEO.

    To get the results you aspire to through your site, first, you need to consider building a website strategy and then choose a template that defines your site’s layout.