• 5 SEO relevancy tips for your site to gain high organic rankings

    SEO specialists develop SEO strategies to bring new and old visitors to the site, capture their attention through the content created and make site usable. The aim is to gain the right users and make them live an unforgettable user experience (UX). And therefore the company makes lots of sales and wins happy customers.

  • Guide for entrepreneurs when promoting products online | 6 steps


    To develop a business in online you as an entrepreneur need a website strategy to build a well-structured site. Building a website for your business is part of your online marketing strategy. Your products are promoted and appreciated by the right people.

  • 9 Simple Ways To Increase Site Conversion Rate [Infographic]

    Before reading an article online, what do you normally see? Obviously, it is the headline. If you are lured to it, you will go ahead and read the entire article. Otherwise, you close it and look for better options. The same attitude is applicable to online buyers.

    In visiting the website where they can buy stuff, they take a look at the headlines first. They want to know if there is something good for them to buy. However, if they are not attracted by the headline, to begin with, they will look for other options.

  • 3 GA reports on User Behavior to improve SEO and website ranking

    You as an entrepreneur need to find and process information about your site’s visitors in a way that best solves your business requirements. Then, you have to work hard to adapt your product to your online target to build a brand with personality.

    The hardest part is when you have to understand your audience’s behavior in order to promote your product and make the sound that your market will adore. Identifying the right data trends about your user’s behavior leads to the power of your business.

    Read more to see in detail 3 reports from Google Analytics with examples, explanations and SEO tips to understand your customer’s behavior to improve both SEO and website ranking.