3 FREE resources for entrepreneurs to learn digital marketing

Have you thought about the FREE resources you have to learn digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the future and people and entrepreneurs passionate about it got freely available resources & tools to learn it.

In this post, you will find 3 useful resources for you as an entrepreneur or individual who wants to start learning digital marketing for FREE and develop online abilities and skills.

If you don’t have anyone to teach you digital marketing, there are FREE solutions you can use in order to solve your digital tasks. You have a digital issue, there is a smart solution for it. All you have to do is to start doing research, study and apply what you are learning.

1. Learn to deliver real online value and make things visible and sharable:

If you are interested in digital marketing and want to gain competencies in a short time, for free, all you have to do is to find and organize digital info.

Because digital marketing is a wide domain, decide first which area are you passionate about, that you want to go into depth.

More exactly, choose the digital ingredient(s) you are passionate about and start gaining knowledge first.

Whether you enjoy SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SMO (Social Media Optimization) use the internet to do research and gather the necessary materials for your studies.

After you become very sure about the direction you are heading, put in practice your digital information by applying it to your own business or by collaborating on diverse digital projects.

2. 3 FREE tools for you as an entrepreneur or individual interested in learning digital marketing:

a) With Google Advanced Search you can get very good results containing exactly the details you are looking for.

To find them, all you have to do is to complete the fields accordingly and discover the outcomes presented by Google.

In the Google Search box type Google Advanced Search and click on Google Advanced Search URL to achieve a more specific search and more accurate results.

BeeMK Google Box Search

If you are looking for specific images, choose the Google Advanced Image Search link.

Now, all you have to do is to complete the spaces with the info you want Google to show up.

You can complete this exact word or phrase field if you want Google to provide exactly what you are asking for.

Or exclude web pages to appear in the search engine typing in the field none of these words the keywords you don’t want to be listed.

Play with the fields to find the topics you are looking for:

BeeMK - Google Advanced Search

b) Use YouTube to educate yourself about online marketing topic or find info about how to boost your digital career.

With only one search on YouTube, you can find videos that teach you how to solve an issue for example related to building a website or doing SEO.

Youtube makes available a filter to help you sort videos by upload date, type of video, duration, features in order to find quickly what you are seeking.BeeMK - Youtube search engine marketing videosc) Online Courses are a great learning option for self-motivated individuals and entrepreneurs who want to gain digital skills and handle online marketing by themselves.

Sites like Coursera, HubSpot Academy, or Udemy are excellent resources to gain and improve knowledge about digital marketing and achieve performance in your practice.

On these websites, you can learn from digital specialists and tutors who teach digital marketing for free and are there to answer your questions.

Online Advertising, User experience for the web, Public Relations Campaigns, Brand Management: Aligning Business, Beginner local SEO, Brand & Behaviour, Social Media Marketing – For beginners that want results are just a few of the subjects you can find on the sites mentioned above.

These are just a few of the creative courses you can enroll in to help you generate fantastic ideas and develop your online projects.

Combining all of the three FREE resources mentioned in this article, your digital knowledge will improve considerably and you will be able to build and implement a digital strategy.

Let us know what are your favorite tools when it comes to learning online marketing.

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