What is the key to becoming successful in online marketing?

Businesses connect to customers in the offline and online worlds (recommended). They use digital marketing to attract them, find out what they are after and deliver quality products and services.

Online marketing is all around us (mobile, desktop, tablet). If you as an entrepreneur or marketer want to succeed in the digital marketing realm, you need to combine marketing knowledge with human skills.

Either you choose to promote your product/service or professionally build your personal brand, you need first to:

a) gain relevant knowledge and skills;

b) integrate what you already know from daily life;

c) do market research;

d) be active and responsive to market trends;

e) stay informed.

It is not enough to grab the audience’s attention and make them buy your product. But also to know how to build significant relationships and naturally turn consumers into loyal customers.

This is not an easy task for anyone to accomplish because it requires:

  • a passion for (e)marketing
  • patience to understand your customers
  • high-performing tools
  • a strong networking base
  • creativity and competencies to put into practice amazing solutions.

More than that, you need a unitary marketing plan implemented from the beginning and a strong vision based on performance.

Nowadays, the internet makes it a complex but fascinating world as a whole. Most of us think that virtual and physical environments are opposite and parallel but they merge and form a single world.

We now have the opportunity to do digital marketing activity at a higher level in a world full of inspiration and unlimited variables.

There are so many benefits offered by digital marketing practice that you cannot find when doing marketing in the offline world. In online, information is transmitted and received instantaneously. Plus we can communicate with people globally in real-time.

People can find out about your business from social media or forums where they ask questions and users or influencers reply, bringing in their positive or negative feedback.

However, the audience reaction depends on the marketers’ approach. They are in charge of identifying customers’ feelings of satisfaction or dissatisfaction about products/services and act accordingly.

Through different digital tactics and techniques, online marketers get closer to customers. This is needed to attain a deeper understanding of their experience with the product and encourage them to share their opinion. And for this reason, marketers need to learn to tune in to their public and make its voice heard.

For instance, through one-to-one interaction, marketers can ask about customers’ feedback. And have their testimonials accessible to everyone else. This could help marketers become active listeners and build tailored products adapted to suit consumers’ requirements.

As e-marketers, daily marketing practice educates you about customer-centricity, people’s expectations, new trends and online strategies.

Facing challenges, accepting failure and getting results are part of a digital marketer work. To transform individuals into loyal customers and win their trust, you as a marketer must get into your target audience’s shoes.

Becoming a well-respected e-marketer is about the way you feel and act towards your customers.

To be on a vibrant e-journey from the initial stage to fulfillment, you have to develop your online activities around your target market. Approaching it with a human attitude and knowledgeable manner, customers will sense that your company is a place they want to be part of.

To develop a sense of belonging, people identify with brands that express positive emotions and warmth. 

Online marketing is about dedicating a lot of your time to people – customers. Because most of the time, customers uncover their desires and needs with difficulty.

Once you are willing to listen, observe and understand, you can get valuable insights essential for your daily marketing activity.

Customers want to be sure that you hear them, validate their requests and resolve their issues. And once their experience with your brand is enjoyable, a smile on their face is put.

This does not guarantee that they will refuse your competitor’s service. But as long as they use your product and are satisfied with its features and the way you treat them (friendly customer care), for sure that smile will activate another one.

In conclusion, online marketers have to be humans first, position and reposition themselves in relation to their consumers. Prove credibility and consider all the parties involved (company, partners) to create meaningful experiences.

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