How do I rapidly index my site? 4 steps to exist in search results

Once your site has been done and is ready for your public, it has to be indexed so search engines can see it and appreciate it accordingly. In order to be indexed a site has to be credible for both search engines and visitors. However, before sites are live, entrepreneurs and site owners have to consider building a user-friendly site design, relevant content and SEO.

What is indexing?

According to Wikipedia, web indexing or search engine indexing collects, parses, and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval.
Web pages that are indexed are included in a search engine database such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or MSN. When users type in the search box the keywords they are looking for then the search engine returns relevant sites that may answer their search query.
So, in this article, will be presented 4 rapid steps that need to be followed in order to see your pages listed quickly and easily in SERP (search engine results page). 
If a site is not indexed due to technical errors, then it will not be found in the search engines results. For example, a site admin must ensure that the option ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site‘ found at Search Engine Visibility from Reading Settings in WordPress Menu is unchecked. If the box is checked, then this mistake may lead to an unindexed site and, therefore, the company loses clients and money.Search Engine Visibility - WordPress Menu Example - BeEMK
It’s very important to pay attention to web spiders or crawlers (programs run by search engines) so they can find, access and index your web pages. If not, when potential customers are searching for your products, they will not be displayed in the search engines and sales will be lost.
To add your site to Search Console and see its status (search appearance, search traffic, index, crawl), you need to have a Google Account.
For a quick indexing of your web pages, you have to setup  Search Console for your site. In order to have your pages indexed, you have to use this tool after you optimize your web pages through SEO.
You have to consider the fact that Search Console tool implies possessing technical skills. 
To make Google fetch and render the homepage and other pages from your site, go to Crawl and then Fetch as Google found in Search Console sidebar. With fetch and render, as a site admin or entrepreneur, you ask Google to crawl your pages, to analyze their meaning and identify any resources blocked by robots.txt files.
a) First, start with the homepage because it is a priority when indexing a website. When it is about to crawl the homepage, you do not have to enter any URL in the textbox in Search Console. You just have to click Fetch or Fetch and Render and choose Desktop or mobile – check the example below.
Request Indexing site with Search Console, Fetch and Render - Example BeEMK
b) Secondly, when fetching and rendering the other pages from your site, type in the textbox the post slug without root domain. Then, the status will be presented and when it says Complete or Partial, click on Request Indexing button to submit the URL for indexing by Google – see the example above.
To prove you are not a robot, you have to consider ‘I’m not a robot’ box. Google will index your page if it meets quality guidelines and avoids the use of noindex directives.
Verification Box I am not a robot Indexing pages - Example BeEMK
After you sent the pages to Google and if they are successfully completed, it will take a few hours to be indexed and to appear in the search results. To check if your site is indexed, go to Google Search box and type in this formula:
If the site had been indexed, the result should be the URLs of your site. If not, you will not see any URL listed or just the homepage with incomplete Title tag and meta description if sites lack good SEO strategy.

These 4 steps are primordial when building an online business for both SEO activity and company’s KPI. Without having your site indexed, it’s a chore reaching customers; you as an entrepreneur cannot perform daily tasks successfully.

However, start indexing your web pages and keep an eye on SEO activity as often as possible. Trends are changing, search engine algorithms too and your sales must keep going up and up for you to make a profit.

Are your web pages indexed?

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