10 insights to consider when starting your first Facebook Website Campaign

With Facebook Ads, you can create diverse campaigns according to your business needs and aims. Facebook website campaigns are indicated if you want to target new users/visitors/customers and enhance website leads and conversions.

By reading this article, you find what a Facebook website campaign implies with example, plus 10 insights to keep in mind when starting your first Facebook traffic campaign.

Last week, we at BeEMK ran our first website campaign on Facebook that focused on promoting our storytellingBe E-Marketing and attracting people to the site interested in digital marketing content. So, in this post, insights about this type of social media campaign – Facebook traffic campaign are revealed.

The duration of the campaign was set for 1 week and paused once for two hours to replace the banner and make the necessary adjustments – cities, audience, interests, text.

More exactly, two days after the campaign started, there was low interest in clicking on the ad. So, what we have done was to change the image and make the headline more appealing.

Below you can see the first banner used for this website campaign that didn’t provide the expected results in the first instance. But it was a promising start:

First single image ad for Facebook traffic campaign

The campaign was paused and a new banner was added. This new banner increased the clicks on the ad link with 50%. The budget spent while using this banner was the same as the one spent on the first banner.

Second single image ad for Facebook website campaign

Comparing these banners, the second one above is more dynamic and engaging than the first one. The text on the banner explains what the site is about and invites people to check ad’s link.

The picture with the sunflower is more colorful and joyous than the image of the first banner. This picture attracts the attention and awakens potential visitors interest to get to know the story behind this ad.

In terms of this campaign, both banners were approved by Facebook quickly even though there were overlaid text and a difference in their design.

And another change made during the campaign involved editing the ‘Location’ section where you add or remove cities and countries of the people you target. Moreover, you can add other interests to target in your Facebook ad or delete the irrelevant ones that do not match your target audience.

When the above changes occurred, impressions boost and cost per click decreased. More importantly, clicks on the ad have doubled and the campaign’s goal was better achieved.

Making the above changes, the ad could reach easily new audiences in other locations with high potential. In addition, new business opportunities have been identified.

The ad was placed on News Feed on Mobile Devices, Instagram Stories on Mobile Devices and Instagram Feed on Mobile Devices. These placements were ideal because they brought the highest number of people that saw this ad and visited the site.

The lowest engagement took place on News Feed on Desktop Computers. In the future, this placement will not be an opportunity for this type of ad.

Social media campaigns are a continuous experimentation and learning process. They provide you with real data about your ideal user personas so your solution can be present when it is needed.

Bringing the right users to the website is not an easy task, but with perseverance and savvy analysis, your campaign can attain performance objectives too.

Now it’s on you how you manage the campaign when you notice that things don’t work as you planned in your strategy.

Here are 5 tips to consider when planning your first Facebook website campaign:

  1. Before starting your Facebook campaign, it is recommended to design a strategy according to your business needs. Of course, the strategy won’t be perfect at the beginning. It will be adapted depending on how the campaign is running and what results it provides. All you have to do is to pause your Facebook campaign and improve it: redesign banner or add specific keywords.
  2. Work with a professional graphic designer that understands your business needs and who speaks the same language as yours;
  3. Make a scheme of how you’d like your ad to look or ask him/her to propose ad ideas for your campaigns;
  4. Do not put a lot of overlaid text on the image because Facebook doesn’t like it that much. Be discreet and write what’s essential on the banner;
  5. Being specific when naming your Facebook campaigns helps you organize them better and know where to check important business data for future campaigns;
  6. When you are dedicated to your website and want to make it visible to the right users, you need to understand very well who they are, where are they coming from and what are they looking for. And checking sources like Google Analytics or Facebook can help you establish a meaningful picture of your audience.
  7. A defined audience is essential; if this is your first Facebook traffic campaign keep in mind to apply the data gained in your next campaign;
  8. In order to implement your first social media campaign, you need some real data from a trusted source to increase website traffic and achieve your business goals. Google Analytics is really helpful especially when you want to implement social media campaigns. And when you use its data effectively and creatively, you can optimize Facebook campaign for profitable leads.
  9. For example, in Google Analytics you see the countries your potential customers come from and also what are their interests. So you can apply this info when you build your Facebook campaign without losing money searching for the right countries/cities and interests. Just try the ones Google Analytics presents as being the most important ones for your business.
  10. And during the campaign, check which countries and interests to add or remove in order to increase link clicks, boost post engagement or reach a higher number of people.

If you are ready to start your first Facebook campaign, watch this video. It shows you exactly how to set up your Facebook traffic campaign:

With Facebook campaigns, the possibilities are endless because you have so much freedom and options to create amazing campaigns.

Don’t forget, your first ads are a test. Make corrections where necessary – audience, location, copy (headline, text) – based on Facebook ad data gathered.

There are no perfect campaigns, only creative ideas for outstanding online campaigns!

Feel free to share your Facebook thoughts so that we can all learn from each other.

So, how does your Facebook campaign sound?

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