• Same as a child, be curious to learn and discover digital marketing

    3 FREE resources for entrepreneurs to learn digital marketing

    Have you thought about the FREE resources you have to learn digital marketing?

    Digital marketing is the future and people and entrepreneurs passionate about it got freely available resources & tools to learn it.

    In this post, you will find 3 useful resources for you as an entrepreneur or individual who wants to start learning digital marketing for FREE and develop online abilities and skills.

  • Individual branding or family branding: Which strategy is best?

    Individual and family branding strategies are beneficial for organizations who want to extend their brand portfolio by launching new products on the market or adapting the old ones.

    A standalone branding implies individual brand names for its products while an umbrella brand involves the organization’s products to stay under the same brand name.

  • Know your users through Landing Pages metrics Google Analytics

    Landing Pages metrics Google Analytics: convert traffic into sales

    If you want to build strategically crafted and optimized pages to convert users into customers, you need to know where to find and analyze landing pages metrics in Google Analytics.

    A landing page is a dedicated web page built by marketers to receive special attention from niche visitors. The purpose of the landing page is to turn visitors into leads by determining them to perform specific actions on the page: