Quick Pinterest optimization techniques with examples that drive sales‘ article is written for marketers and entrepreneurs that want to start a fast and valid Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest is more than a social network, it’s a visual search engine designed for helping internet users find useful content and inspiration.

Pinterest users are visiting the platform to search for different ideas, check trends or find solutions for their needs and wants.

What makes Pinterest unique?

Like any digital marketing channel, Pinterest is useful for marketers and entrepreneurs to strategically promote products and services. But there is a big characteristic that makes Pinterest unique: it’s the IMAGE posted.

Being a visual platform, Pinterest differentiates itself from other platforms by allowing users to add images called PINS and organize them into folders named BOARDS – Pinterest jargon. These images or pins (Pinterest jargon) can be created and added to dedicated boards on Pinterest. Also, content found on other sites can be saved to these boards where you can build collections of pins.

Brings content from the internet together

No other social media channel uses this type of method which involves bringing together the visual content (photos, videos, infographics, articles) found on the internet depending on the keywords searched. Companies, influencers, bloggers and users see Pinterest as a fast and convenient way to become visible in the online space.

With Pinterest, you have the freedom to post content that can reach a high number of users if it is optimized and has a suitable image that represents it. Also, if you are looking for inspiration for your content marketing plan, Pinterest lists the most important content that exists on the internet. If you are looking for the right place for visual content, this is the place to be.

Lists the right content for your search keywords

The Pinterest search results are visual and once you search for a keyword, you will see photos and not so many words as on other social media platforms. You can customize your search and select the type of pin you are searching for: all pins, your pins, product pins, videos, people or boards. When you type in the search box a keyword, you find keyword suggestions to ensure a satisfying search experience.

Example keyword typed in Pinterest search box

Understanding how Pinterest algorithm works is essential for your Pinterest marketing campaign success. When people save content (images) from Pinterest or from the internet, the platform distributes it through search feed, home feed, communities feed, following feed, hashtag feed. The Pinterest algorithm makes it possible and is responsible for the content that is shown to your audience.

How do I increase viewers on Pinterest?

To increase your Pinterest followers and account viewers, you need to be active daily: create and save pins frequently and add them to your customized boards. Share your findings by including as many relevant and authentic posts from the internet in your Pinterest boards.

Check Pinterest data

In Pinterest Analytics overview, you have data about the posts you add and save and how your audience reacts to them. The most important metrics about your pins/posts are impressions, total audience, engagements, engaged audience, and their percents compared with the previous 30 days. You can customize your reports by choosing device, source or claimed accounts.

Understand your audience

Pinterest is fabulous for you as a marketer or entrepreneur because here you can understand better what your audience is interested in. This amazing software system allows you to have clarity on the online market in which you operate.

If you are planning to expand your products/services range here is the place for analyzing how high is the demand for your product, what pins people save, what type of products they want to buy. And other valuable information to help you deal efficiently with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

What are claimed accounts?

A Pinterest claimed account is a site or social media channel you connect with Pinterest. When you claim your site, you get Analytics and attribution for your content.

Opt for available boards

Comparing with the other social media channels, on Pinterest you can find lots of accounts that are transparent and your target audience and competitors may be right there. Most of the people choose to have available boards so everyone can see them and increase the number of followers and the number of pins saved by the others.

As a marketer, you can choose to have secret boards/folders to organize your Pinterest marketing strategy and save pins for later use on other social media channels. But the idea is that your most important boards need to be available in order to gain online visibility like unique viewers, followers or pin saves.

How do I optimize my content for/on Pinterest?

Your content should not only be helpful but optimized for the search engines to increase your pin’s exposure. So, if you as a marketer want to make your content known, you have to apply Pinterest optimization techniques. You need to start first with site & webpages optimization and then optimize your content on Pinterest.

Here are five steps that can make a difference in applying Pinterest optimization techniques at the right time:

  1. Website optimization
  2. Landing page optimization
  3. Pinterest profile optimization
  4. Pin optimization
  5. Boards optimization

Let BeEMK explain:

1. Every marketer and entrepreneur aspires to turn their site audience into customers. Thus, respecting the order proposed above is important.

But WHY?

Because when you create a pin you have the opportunity offered by Pinterest to link back to your webpage from your pin through a destination link. This is the moment you can attract visitors to your site and keep them as long as possible there through your content. And by optimizing your site for SEO first, you have a higher chance to convert quality traffic from Pinterest into buyers.

2. The second step is landing page optimization when you have dedicated pages on your site for your products & services. This landing page can gain a good ranking position in the search engines if you resolve on-page SEO aspects.

The landing page needs to have an optimized URL with relevant keywords that describe the web page. This page can bring targeted traffic to your website because users understand immediately what the page is about before clicking on its link. When this is done, the page can rank both in the search engines (Google, Bing) and Pinterest search interface.

3. When registering on Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is to optimize your profile and make it smooth for everyone. In the photo section, insert your company’s logo to make your brand easy to recognize by potential customers when they find your pins. Describe your business and let Pinterest users know what products/services you are promoting/selling.

Don’t forget about the cover picture! You can either select a board to feature or a collection of pins to present in your cover.

See the example below on how to optimize your Pinterest profile for a rapid understanding:

4. Pin optimization consists in having a user-friendly title and description to characterize your inspirational pin. Here you need to include keywords that are found in the destination link and landing page. A destination link that you add in the pin section has to take users directly to the landing page your pin is about.

! If you want a high number of users to follow your brand, all your pins need real links and not spammy ones.

The most valuable ingredient for your pin is a high-quality vertical image (2:3 ratio) that you will create to differentiate your pin from others that may show up on the same feed.

You can choose to publish your pin immediately or schedule it for a later date. Check the example below:

5. Board optimization consists in describing in an original way your pins collection by using keywords, messages, and call to action. When you create a particular pin collection, it is recommended to have boards with a story in order to attract the attention of your potential target market and engage it with your Pinterest Profile. The boards you create must be relevant for your business’s activity so your potential customers get a clear picture of your product(s).

Be as creative as you feel and play with Pinterest boards’ name. As you can see in the example above, BeEMK uses a part of its brand name to define Pinterest boards. Be E-Marketing is the name of the board designed for beemk.com articles.

Your Pinterest marketing strategy is effective when you acquire quality traffic for both your Pinterest account and your site. You don’t know how brilliant it is until you start assessing Pinterest data to know what content your audience craves.

As you observed in this article, Pinterest optimization techniques are interconnected with those of SEO. And when both are applied in the same strategy, you will be amazed about your Pinterest strategy results. But it is very important to respect the order of the optimization techniques suggested in this article to boost your pin performance and site traffic: site – webpage – Pinterest profile – pin – board optimization.

What is your experience with Pinterest optimization techniques?

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