5 SEO relevancy tips for your site to gain high organic rankings

SEO specialists develop SEO strategies to bring new and old visitors to the site, capture their attention through the content created and make site usable. The aim is to gain the right users and make them live an unforgettable user experience (UX). And therefore the company makes lots of sales and wins happy customers.

SEO strategy has a strong connection with the business plan because both imply the user and your business. As long digital marketing strategy is user-centric and conceived from the start according to your business requirements, SEO practice produces desired effects. SEO rules are frequently changed by search engines algorithms, and the company has to integrate them so that relevant pages are displayed when users search on Google.

Even if people speak less about your site in this competitive online space, it does not mean it is irrelevant. So, through SEO you improve online presence and make your site relevant.

Here are 5 tips to improve relevancy using SEO:

  • Write advertorials in which to propose solutions to your public inquiries; mention industry experts and their advice. By doing this, you deliver engaging content and, at the same time, specialists could show interest by distributing your article. The site of popular bloggers definitely has a good domain authority, and once they insert your URL on their site or share it on social media, your site ranking increases.
  • Find topics that your audience searches for and, depending on this, contact a specialist in your field who can answer these questions briefly. Perform a thorough analysis and get in touch with specialists who can return a sharable answer that can bring value into your users’ lives.
  • To improve site ranking in search engines, implement link juice technique that implies sending value from one page or site to another through internal and external links. Through hyperlinks found in articles, connections between various pages and sites are created that addresses a similar topic.

Either you choose to write for different sites or post on social media to link back to your site and promote it, the method is part of link building. Excellent content connects the audience with your brand: people offer you likes & share it on other sites. And as a result of this action, your site’s authority increases because users’ engagement is high. Your brand has the chance to become famous and your site too ranking higher than your competitors in SERP.

  • An ingenious SEO technique for click-worthy titles to help you acquire a large number of visitors. So, identify a headline appreciated by online users. Then, write content that suits your site and keep the headline that ranks well in Google. You can discover headlines for your articles on sites with high page authority that have lots of shares and likes. This SEO strategy does not mean to copy text, but to inspire and write an original article using the titles people love to click on.
  • When it comes to digital marketing, ”little” psychology is needed. When we write messages, psychological words that trigger the subconscious mind and urge the audience to act should not be missed. Use the following psychological words or words that sell, in the title, headings or description: NEW, NOW, FREE, BEST, RESULTS, LIMITED, BONUS, TRUTH, LOVE, PROVEN, SECRET, SPECIAL, VALUE, BENEFIT, SOLUTION, SAVE, POWERFUL etc..

In order not to lose site traffic and money, you need to pay attention to every element that composes it. An accessible, fast, and easy-to-navigate site with fabulous content guarantees the success of your online business.

Let’s supposed your business is promoting a niche product and targeting a rare audience. For example, one with a high financial income from city X that is interested in your niche product.

Here are 3 main ideas to consider when starting to implement SEO:

  • First, your SEO approach involves getting to know the product/service you are promoting (particularities, benefits), industry and target market.
  • Secondly, knowing what your product means will be easy for you to find the right keywords that define your product and its buyer personas.
  • And thirdly, the way you structure your information on the site and include these keywords naturally is one of the difficult parts in SEO, but not impossible.

Google displays the results that are most appropriate for the users’ query, location, and profile. And the above-mentioned SEO aspects let your potential customers know your site provides what they are looking for. So, that’s why you need to build SEO activity in a professional and customized way, taking into account your business model.

When a person performs a search on Google, the results are personalized and displayed based on her/his search history, bookmarks, or user profile. Custom search results make it more difficult for any business to attain high SEO traffic and obtain promising results. But a customized SEO strategy is needed and eventually implemented by the person who knows best the business to show up in SERP at the right moment for the right audience.

  • The site becomes credible for Google if there are reviews/ratings on other sites. This means people are excited about the product/service and want to express their enthusiasm with others through positive feedback.

In the case of negative messages, if the company owns the necessary resources, they can help create a new customer experience. Digital specialists can turn messages into positive ones which can bring greater value to the business if the person responsible for marketing engages with the audience in a friendly and honest way.

SEO activity implies strategic thinking, a great care for SEO rules and strategies and the way they are adapted to your business model by SEO specialists. In this way, you gain traffic, money and time, and delightful results in a few months time. It is necessary that any action that is intended to be undertaken, is analyzed and measured before it is implemented.

If your visitors are impressed by the topics and site’s style, users can even convert once they land on your site (subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product). All you have to do is to pay attention to your site SEO because this is an effective way to make your visitors become loyal customers.

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