Trendy header ideas to consider when building your site: optimize for SEO & UX

Trendy header ideas to consider when building your site: and optimize it for SEO & UX‘ is our fresh article that proposes to inspire and help you find the best header version for your site.

A successful business starts with a modern and well-optimized website for both UX and SEO.

To get the results you aspire to through your site, first, you need to consider building a website strategy and then choose a template that defines your site’s layout.

In case you don’t find a suitable layout for your online business objectives, it is advised to collaborate with a web designer and programmer to design a layout that best fits your business needs.

We all know that users spend time on quality sites, sites with a modern Homepage design and valuable information. But how do these sites look like? And what type of headers do they use that differentiate them from other sites?

In this article, you will get trendy header ideas and examples about one of the most important sections of a site – the header. Starting from here, you can make visitors love your site and convert.

User-focused website strategy to build that momentum

Before getting to our trendy header ideas, we believe a short presentation about what a website strategy contains is the first thing to start with.

It’s critical to invest in your website strategy stage in order to make sure your digital practice is aligned with driving real user value. You should see your website as a tool with which you can achieve the proposed business goals. It is an investment in business growth.

A website strategy should contain all the points you want to convey through design and content. The way you build your site will reflect your brand purpose and values. That’s why it is very important to pay attention to each part of your site. Starting with the structure of your site and ending with its optimization from an SEO point of view will help you develop the site you desire.

To have the right website strategy done, you must first gain a true understanding of your users and your company objectives. A site that represents your business, triggers users’ psychological senses and makes them interact with your content are crucial points every entrepreneur should acknowledge.

To get here is not an easy task because it involves working with people that need to understand first your business and your competitors and then come up with a detailed and workable strategy for your website.

Research among your competition is another important aspect you need to take into account. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and propose solutions on your site that are not everywhere but your potential customers search for.

When you check their sites, make sure to note down what you can do better and come up with innovative elements that integrate well into your website strategy.

No professional marketer would advise you to steal their way of designing their site but to observe, inspire and think new original ways of making your website become a trustful source.

As a serious site that has its own uniqueness and applies strategies that are in its best interest, it doesn’t use techniques that distort reality to be liked by visitors. So, even if you do a competitive analysis it doesn’t mean you copy their site and apply what others have tried and worked for them. For you, their website strategies are just points of reference to how you can do better than your competitors and customize your site to your specific business model.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop your site by yourself, keep in mind that your personality will be reflected in it. You need to know yourself and your target market in order to construct a site that serves both your audience’s needs and wants and your interests as a business owner.

When working on your website strategy, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • What impression my site gives to my target audience?
  • Is my site credible and trustworthy for my potential customers?
  • Does my site make my users feel welcome?
  • Is my site layout suitable for my company’s products/services?
  • Can I build a strong web presence with this new design?
  • Is there a structure on my site that influences my target market to take action and convert (complete contact form, sign up with e-mail, make a call, buy a product)?

To build a website that’s going to be successful, you need to develop a deep understanding of your audience’s emotions, desires, and challenges. Start with a user-focused strategy to build a solid foundation on which the rest of your site is on.

A user flow is a step-by-step path you want the user to take to attain a specific outcome. Using user flows you can create your site architecture – a hierarchical map that highlights your site pages, sections, and menus and how they are all connected. And how your site looks like from a technical point of view, it is essential for your SEO practice. How your site looks like from a visual point of view is critical for UX practice.

However, website functionality carries as much weight as aesthetics when it comes to building a clean and fresh design. Your site needs to be easy to navigate through your content and provide your target market with the answers to their problems.

Stay consistent with the brand; together with your team, take care of visual elements of your site to authentically represent your brand through color, fonts, images, videos, copy and so on.

Keep in mind from the beginning to optimize your site for UX, engagement, SEO, and conversion. You don’t need to have things perfect once your site is running, but make sure you improve things as you get relevant data on how your users respond. Know the outcomes your potential customers are trying to reach and adapt your website strategy to them.

Trendy header ideas and examples to create a piece of art

Your header should represent your business through an image – value proposition, solutions – and make customers curious to interact with your site.

This is the first part of your site that shows up when visitors land on it. From here, you lead users to other important sections of your site where they can discover the information they need.

Be careful what you choose to put in your header if you opt to build one. Either a representative image with people that are part of your business or 2-3 slides with the services that you are providing, these could be one of the options for a powerful header.

Our 5 trendy header ideas with examples might be useful for you to decide how your header should look like. Check our superb examples of such headers below:

1. Header with a modern call to action and menu

Black and White Header with Modern menu - athlete competition
header with a modern call to action and menu

In the example below, we have a fresh and black & white header with a mission statement message and a call to action ‘Discover our secrets’ that users click on to get more details. The menu is a modern one, you need to click on the top-right icon to see the site pages.

The image with the athlete competition is suggestive for the business mission: ‘We turn challengers into champions’. So, all the pieces fit together – image, message, call to action, menu – and this header gives the user a warmth feeling that he/she is in the right place when searching for digital services.

2. Header with a subscription box

header with subscription box - dark and yellow
header with a subscription box

This header has an interesting element which is a subscription box on the top. It’s not a pop-up box but a user-friendly design strategy. The yellow color stands out well considering that the other side of the header has a dark color.

And the solutions offered by the company can be found in the form of two yellow call to action buttons: ’Free Consultation’ & ‘How We Can Help’.

The company logo stands out originally in the header and connects well with all the sections: subscription box, site navigation, message, buttons.

We can see that the color combination found in the logo is added to the header text: CONTENT.

3. Header with Facebook messenger box plugin

header with female picture and Facebook messenger box
header with Facebook messenger box plugin

This natural, artistic photo and messenger button do everything in this header. The picture in the banner is not a common picture taken from the net, the lady in the image is one of the owners of this site.

When people come to this site, they can immediately understand if the site is up to their liking. The site offers a free 3-day challenge for people interested in becoming an entrepreneur. And to join the program offered by the site, individuals have to access their Facebook Messenger and follow the steps.

A well-thought and ingenious digital strategy to convert users into customers directly from the header.

4. Header with social media buttons

header with social media buttons and solutions section
header with social media buttons

As we can see, social media has become integrated into website strategies because individuals like to be social and communicate with others about the content they discover. On the left, we can find social media buttons that run throughout the page starting from the top.

Also, in the header, under the main menu, the organization presents the main areas of activity using pictures and keywords. This section is designed to help users make an idea about the most wanted content of the site and click on the relevant box for their search.

This option is quick and easy to get to the content that interests the audience most.

5. Header with videos

header with videos and call to action buttons
header with videos

On this site, we can see a header with video projects built by this company for its clients. Video production is the main area of the business and adding 4 video types in the header helps potential customers understand what services this site offers.

Once the user clicks on one of the videos to play, a separate page opens which contains the video and its description.

Potential customers can even call the company directly from the header by clicking on CALL NOW button.

Nice way to engage the audience, make it spend quality time on the site and get in touch with the company quickly through the header.

Which of our trendy header ideas do you find most appealing for your website strategy?

Tell your story, communicate your message in the comment box below.

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