• Outreach strategies ideas for start-ups - Digital tips to make product visible

    Outreach strategies ideas for start-ups | Digital tips to make product visible

    Every start-up is built on outreach strategies and digital insights to make product visible. How it grows and develops is dependent mostly on its founders’ mindset and digital techniques they apply.

    You may be wondering whether to expect your customers to come to you or not. The truth is you have to pull them in. But have you thought about how to achieve this pulling?

  • act like an athlete when building your personal brand online

    Digital Personal branding for small businesses | Growth Tools & Tactics

    A digital personal branding strategy should help you bring to light the essence that makes people want to know you and get in touch with you. Your personal brand determines the perceptions and impressions they form about you. And the emotions that trigger their behavior to want more from you – buy your product or service.

    A personal brand is the face people see, meet, perceive and approach. Either they identify with it or not, it’s just the work you put into making it recognizable.

  • Internet of things - IoT and robots technologies lead towards intelligent connectivity era

    Internet of things – IoT from the perspective of a digital marketer

    IoT or “Internet of things” is the technology that is responsible for the abilities of physical devices, objects, items, things, machines to perform autonomously specific actions through connectivity and interoperability.

    IoT is comprised of a ‘network of objects’. These objects are automated and cooperation between them is through the internet.

  • Dive deep into your business to

    Make growth marketing strategy deliver results | QUICK-STARTER GUIDE

    A quick-starter guide on what you need to know when working on your growth marketing strategy with the aim of delivering results.

    Growth marketing is your secret art of mixing digital marketing ideas with innovative techniques for faster results. It’s the kind of art that requires the integration and implementation of a diverse palette of tools and methods.

  • Digital Campaign strategy - how to find the ideal keyword with infographic

    Digital Campaign Strategy: how to find the ideal keyword [INFOGRAPHIC]

    All marketers know that in order to have a performant digital campaign, finding and using the ideal keyword(s) is key. And to get at this point helpful tools need to be used to have the most accurate keywords research strategy done. Keyword Planner and Google Trends are essential tools you can use to have your keyword research and analysis ready.