Find out what are Digital Ingredients and how they can help you make your online marketing strategy successful.

The SEO Tools – FREE & paid – you need to attract organically the ideal target audience on your site and connect with it.

Stories are made to motivate people to move forward. Our storytelling is made to sustain you in the growth marketing process.

How you’ll drive sales through the internet depends on how stable and credible your business’s online presence is.

Your website is your business card, optimization promotes it for FREE faster than you think and digital analytics gives the insights you need to move your business to the next level.

Website Strategy

Your website is your business card. With a solid website strategy, your online marketing strategy creates opportunities for your company just right from the start.

Content Optimization

How you present your product’s role in this ecosystem matters. Get the right attention from users and search engines by bringing your expertise/product into play.

Digital Analytics

What type of data you extract and how you interpret and integrate it into your digital plan is the key step that you shouldn’t miss. It leads you to well-thought-out business decisions.

‘’The essence of any business lies in the way digital marketing ingredients – components are combined and applied.’’

This is the place for you as a solo entrepreneur, entrepreneur, small or medium company eager to find a reliable partner with whom to perform in the digital marketing activity or to get knowledge about the online marketing practice…

Digital Marketing Ingredients

MODEL 2015-2020

Digital ingredients is a buzzword referring to digital marketing components.


An entrepreneur wants to see his business evolving and, therefore, a bright direction and clear objectives are needed.

When you invest in the digital strategy and include the ingredients that suit your business, it becomes visible and arouses the interest of potential customers.

Our team


‘I help solo-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs & small & medium companies to responsibly market products online to the right target audience.’

Andreea Chilianu

Digital Marketer

Online marketing – website strategy, digital campaigns optimization & digital analytics since 2012


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What’s your digital Need?

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