The role of bees is to get the best ingredients from the most reliable sources to produce honey. The same mechanism applies to entrepreneurs and companies that want to thrive same as bees do.

Online marketing is like honey for companies if made of digital ingredients extracted from 100% trustworthy and accessible source.

BeEMK – Be E-Marketing project was born from the desire to offer both the Romanian and the international market concrete digital marketing solutions based on the company’s needs and objectives.

They are designed for companies looking to work with upstanding and committed partners passionate about delivering personalized digital marketing services established by mutual agreement with them.

BeEMK provides online marketing services and digital content to solo-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and small and medium companies that wish to develop a collaboration based on ethics, transparency and trust.

Be as clever as a BEE. Choose carefully your digital ingredients,
your future is safe with the right ones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that your online marketing activity is moving in the direction of your business purpose because

‘’the succes of any business lies in the way digital marketing ingredients – components are combined and applied.’’

Our services are focused on providing quality and making your product become your clients’ priority.

The strategies and methods we recommend and implement take into account your


Practical resources and goal-oriented guidance

to inspire you and help you optimize your site successfully

Start with a user-friendly and optimized website. Know your site’s data and use it to build an outstanding and cutting-edge growth marketing strategy.

Free & Paid SEO Tools

See our useful FREE and paid SEO Tools list to optimize your site as a professional and achieve your company’s objectives when working on your SEO strategy.

Digital Tips

Do you need support with your SEO practice? Or do you want tips to develop a powerful online marketing plan? Check our BLOG to find info about digital marketing ingredients.

Free Consultation

Click on the link below to complete the contact form and get a 30 minute FREE consultation to discuss your online marketing needs and receive reasonable and proper guidance.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on growth and on developing your online business in an ethical way.

We offer consulting and digital marketing services focused on growing your business in accordance with good online practices.

We use equitable and fair practices, strategies and tools to support the entire process. 

With a background in

digital agencies
personal development

, we are here to listen and discuss your digital marketing requirements and to come up with results-driven solutions and techniques adapted to your business.

Whether you sell a service or have an online store that you want to grow, our expertise, knowledge and resources are designed to create long-term value and generate high returns for your company.




Digital marketing is highly intertwined with other areas of a business such as sales, customer service or hr. Therefore, when thinking about using online marketing, it’s advisable to make sure that there is harmony and open communication between these departments.

This is the responsible way to reach your business objectives when applying online marketing. The outside help comes to complete the necessary competencies you need in the digital department. Otherwise, your investment in online marketing may be severely compromised and may not lead to the desired outcomes.
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