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1. Why are banner ads important in online marketing?

Every detail matters in digital marketing activity, even banners, yes!

Creating different types of banners is part of your digital marketing activity. Through this approach, you put your audience in contact with your business in an interactive way.

You can use banners on social media, on your website, or in online marketing campaigns like PPC, referral, or e-mail. Thus, you as an entrepreneur or marketer promote your products and make your brand visible among people and potential customers.

The design of the banner ads needs to be visually appealing to users. And its elements in harmony.

Banners are a reflection of your business identity and they sustain you in building brand awareness and brand loyalty among a targeted audience.

But to get to this point, you need to integrate banner ads into your digital marketing strategy, especially in content marketing strategy. This can take you to the right people and establish a strong brand image.

2. Why are banner ads useful?

Banner ads are useful to let your target audience know about your helpful and amazing products and offers your online business has to offer. And attract and build a healthy relationship with it in an original and natural way.

For instance, you can increase Facebook audience engagement by posting 3-4 banners per month containing authentic messages (brand values, product benefits, quotes etc.). The aim is to trigger positive emotions and excitement towards discovering your product or service.

However, crafting banner ads with meaningful design and message is essential in digital marketing because, in this way, you keep your target audience engaged with your brand and can convince it about your brand's promise. 

You can design online banners in a multitude of ways. But having a banner layout that reflects your brand's mission will make the difference.

3. How do I arrange visual elements on my banner layout?

Be creative. There aren’t specific rules for designing the perfect banner. You can create your brand identity guideline depending on your brand’s story and values and the message you want to convey.

Consider following these steps: 

1.      Make sure the format of the banner is appropriate to your brand’s message: its size matches the social media channel where you want to post;

2.      Add bright images and background and choose a text font that respects your brand guidelines.

Know that creative and natural images sustain the message and attract more views.

3.      The aim of your banner is to make people become aware of your product, offer, blog topic or message you want to communicate. An authentic banner design will determine users spend more time with your brand and want to discover it. Thus they get on your business site and key pages and show interest in your product.

4.      Logo enables you as an entrepreneur to build brand awareness. Placing it on the banner in a clear spot can take you closer to your targte market. You need to position your logo at the top of the banner. The place where you put the logo depends a lot on the image's colors and the amount of text it contains. It’s preferable to make sure there's a contrast between the logo’s color(s) and the image’s background.

5.      You need 2-3 lines of text with proper font size and styling that are adapted to the image’s layout. People need to find your banner pleasant so it needs to be desktop, mobile and tablet friendly. Once you caught their attention, users can click on the banner ad and land on your sales page. And in this way, you can generate the desired leads.

6.      It doesn’t matter you design your banner for the website, social media, or other channels. Write on it your site address to better connect your brand with potential clients.

4. Here are 5 ideas with examples of web banners to help you create a unique digital brand:

After finishing writing your article, optimize it both for your users and search engines. When you respect on-page SEO steps, your article will likely be promoted organically.

So, if you want to know how to optimize your article for top ranking, have a look at Content optimization techniques to build top ranking pages article from - Be E-Marketing.

1. Banner ads for article promotion

A banner designed to promote your article can attract many clicks directly from your site, search engines or social media. You can build your banner ads in Photoshop or other design tools like Canva. 

To attract more people to your blog posts, you need a suitable blog theme to organize your posts. It’s essential to have your posts structured on your site by using categories and tags. Thus, your users can easily find the content they're interested in reading inside your site and outside.

See the examples below:

A list of articles with banners is ideal to make posts attractive. In this way, articles are rapidly promoted and they can receive the clicks that count. However, these examples of banners are meant to inspire you to optimize and create a compelling blog.

As in our examples, when a user clicks on one of the pictures, the banner will appear as a header within the article like the one below:

Above is an example of a web banner designed for the article How to Create Social Media Graphics and Banner Ads in Visme:

Moreover, when someone shares your article on Facebook, its banner - design and message - will promote it. Or when you share it on your Facebook page, you are allowed to attach more banners adequate to your Facebook audience. So, you’re free to choose the most appropriate design for your post:

2. Banner ad to promote a FREE product

As you can see, visual content is growing bigger and it receives greater appreciation from online users.

In articles, you can include banners to make users more conscious of products or services available to them. They can be (free) products or offers that suit their needs and wants.

You can write on the banner your product’s features and benefits. Thus, you help your potential clients make rapid decisions.

Take as a good example the banner posted above. Its role is to describe a free product, an ebook that can be downloaded for free. This banner can be found in the following article: The Power Of Online Marketing Promotions.

This type of banner can be posted not only on sites and blogs but also on social media.

Tip: banners with unique designs work pretty well on Pinterest.

To build trust in your community and build an open relationship with your audience, reveal your findings through ingenious banners. Thus, you can expand your followers and become an all-star in your industry.

A short but meaningful message put in a simple banner comes from Neil Patel posted in Six Figure Consultant: 4 Proven Services Every Blogger Can Offer to Make Money Online article:

'Your most valuable marketing channel is your blog'.

Simple but effective banner example to enhance users’ loyalty!

4. Banner ad to communicate data

Banner ads can also be helpful to communicate to your audience statistics from reports and data that can be appreciated by them. It’s a great modality to quickly expose insights which can make you be seen as the expert and reassure your customers that they're in the right place.

So, through banners, you can also communicate recent and fresh info from reports. Then, your online banners can go viral on other sites, social media or search engines.

The example above was extracted from Facebook search results.

5. Banner ad to build your personal brand 

Everybody is on the run. But a well-designed banner with all the necessary details (name, e-mail, website, skills, etc.) about you as an entrepreneur can contribute to developing your personal brand image on the web.

You can build a banner that includes your name and what you do when developing your personal brand.

Of course, through this type of banner, people become curious to discover the character behind it and can click on it or on the link behind it to visit your site.

The banner presented above is from How a Solo Designer Wins Clients Through Pinterest and Blogging with Jessica Freeman article.

We find this banner relevant for this section because it highlights what Jessica can do for you as a freelance designer. Win clients through Pinterest and blogging with Jessica Freeman.

What an interesting introduction to her story in one single banner. The way she promotes herself as a freelancer can inspire you as a digital enthusiast or entrepreneur.


Therefore, we hope these 5 banner ads examples help your brand marketing strategy make an impact. And your business or personal brand to spread rapidly its engaging and relevant messages.

Have you tried any of the banners presented? If so, what results did you get?

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3. Banner ad to build trust

To build and maintain a friendly communication with your users, build banners with a real picture and short messages. They are well seen in the online community.